Our Inspirations and Philosophy

If somebody needs education, it is our problem. It does not matter whether one has money or not. You have to own the problem to solve it.

Education is not the endpoint. It is just the beginning of the life in a new way. It is a vital link in the interconnectedness of mass evolution- a better world. It is a transformation of the society- one person at a time.

The cost of the education is subjective to the individual student and his family– definitely not the cost to the provider. Ultimately, the cost of an uneducated person to the society is more than the cost of the educating a person.

Everyone has something to contribute-whether one knows or not.

The quality of the education must be the same for all whether one pays or not. It requires patience, dedication, and time.

Chase the purpose-mission. Money will chase the mission.

How much can we give for what we get solves the numerous issues. Get less, do more.

Zero can be a legitimate price point.

Systems must be devised explicitly so that there will not be any incentive to exploit the student financially.

Create the systems that will drive and reinforce the core values of mission-equitable distribution, higher qualities, compassion, and transparency. Strong mission-aligned processes and protocols will mitigate individual deviations.

If you do more for more people, it is also good for you as a person.

A model that treats the poor not as the passive beneficiaries of a charity but as a customer in an economic marketplace of the society, and that respects the receiver and contributor equally.

We do not educate the students to create merely an earning instrument, but rather an instrumentality of the health and happiness of the family, nation, and humanity as a whole. It is a vital link in the interconnectedness of the mass evolution-one link at a time.

When the core of your energy and attention is focused on serving unconditionally, the boundaries of your perceptions will change. You discover the values of relevance in unexpected places. Work acquires a magnetic generative force.

Sharing your strengths amplifies the effect of the work manifolds. It inspires higher standards, broad participation, and vibrant cross leanings. It extends your reach to new shores. You build a resilient brand based upon relationships and mutual respects. Our belief is that if the knowledge is contained to a few, it becomes obsolete. If the knowledge is contributed to others, contributors also become beneficiaries. It inspires and promotes higher standards, broad participation and vibrant cross leanings. The purpose of distribution is to gain more for all.

That the evolution of an organization ultimately hinges on the evolution of all individuals within it.

Inspirational credits: Dr V of Infinite Vision