An Ivy League University cost per year is $40,000+ In USA.

Four years of college is $160,000+ (many times required courses are not offered and education time is expanded to more than four years).

Generally the first two years of an associate degree is for “general knowledge” type subjects. The last two years involve picking up a major and minor of specialized study requiring four or more years of education before the employability of the student.

The cost of the education is not in the terms of financial resources of the individuals but for the society at large, earthly resources and missing a time frame of a generation.


  • Reduce the cost per year by $20,000.
  • Achieve the savings of $50,000 or more in two years.
  • Offer Major and Minor in the first two years to immediately increase employability.

Student Benefits

  • Savings may equate to 10+ years of loan payments (had student not saved that money).
  • Increases student’s home buying ability.
  • Ability to educate his or her children.
  • Immediate employability.
  • Contributing to national economy sooner.
  • Reduces family stress due to reduced financial problems.
  • Affects consumer markets positively.
  • Increased rate of savings due to lower loan payments.
  • Broadening world outlook.

Benefits to Affiliated Universities

  • Continuous supply of the students.
  • Affects consumer markets positively.
  • Shared and increased knowledge pool.
  • Cost of the delivery of education reduced-shared pool of knowledge.
  • A service project for the betterment of the humanity in their related field.

Benefits to National Economy

  • Increased rate of savings leading to an increased investment capital.
  • Increased spending leading to higher growth of economy.
  • Lower social costs.
  • Reduced rate of the poverty.

Humanity-Global Impact

  • Increased interaction between different nationalities and cultures.
  • Increased tolerance, and understanding between nations.
  • Better health of the humanity.
  • World peace.

Reasons for our success?

  • There is an infinite supply of students who are intelligent and bright who cannot attend college for the economic reasons.
  • The cost of the quality education in the developed world has reached beyond the means of the middle class.
  • Academic talent is available at low cost world-wide, such as in India.
  • Technology has made it possible to transfer the knowledge long distances with a minimum expense.
  • Collecting knowledge at a central place and distributing the same to the different places is cost efficient. (Something akin to making a reservoir of water and properly distributing it through a main canal with minor channels. For example, you do not have to create ten libraries for the same faculty as the present system does).
  • Consider this: at present, for example, 500 students are studying at each of 10 universities. Each university has to incur the same cost repeatedly. The total cost becomes 10X. Our cost will be maybe 1.3 or 1.5X, but will be distributed over 5,000 students, making us the least expensive and passing on benefits to students.

Current USA System

It takes four years to complete an undergraduate study. The first two years are of general subjects. The second two years require a student to prepare for the major and minor electives. Required courses are not offered on a regular basis to complete the graduation on a timely basis ultimately costing more to the students and a precious waste of the resources.

Reverse the System

With agreements with various universities, WKH will teach major subjects in first two years. This will provide for the immediate employability of the student. At the end of two years, a student can go back to a specific university and enroll for the general subjects and earn the degree from the affiliated university. WKH will enforce the long hours of the study to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Benefits – Reduce cost by 50%.
  • Shortened duration towards the employability.
  • Reduce the debt load.
  • Opportunity to complete the entire graduation in three years.

Professional Studies

Law graduation – Current USA – 4 years of undergraduate + 2-3 years of law study.

Total cost: $250,000+.

WKH will take the high school graduates and directly enroll them in the law school at WKH. In three years of law study complete with having a license in hand, Student can directly go to U.S. Bar Exams and immediately be a licensed Attorney immediately.

WKH cost: $60,000 (3 years).