Fearless Thinking Stress-Free Living

Fearless Thinking Stress-Free Living

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  • Stress arising out of Loss of income-job-unemployment, no savings, unpaid bills
  • Loss of assets-Home, savings, investments
  • Loss of relationships-Break-ups, divorces, death, friends, relatives, loneliness
  • Loss of children-safety, education, wellbeing, health
  • Loss of reputation-divorce, suits, jail time, bankruptcies
  • Loss of health-illness, dependence, money, death and some situations beyond your control

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17 reviews for Fearless Thinking Stress-Free Living

  1. Elizabeth Poe

    That you have A choice on how to live in this world . Be in the World but not Of the World.

    This has been a confirmation with the walk i have been on for the last year. This has added not only confirmation but Knowleage to my walk with my GOD. Thank you Mr Amin. this was a gift that will never be able to compare to any other. Thank You.

  2. Rohan & Semali Balasuriya

    This is a very special and wonderful guide for all of humanity.

    We are spiritual seekers and for us, this amazing book beautifully explains how our own minds could make one to be happy and peaceful or on the other hand make one miserable & sad. The author explains in detail how to be fearless in whatever situation one has to face and achieve to live a peaceful and stress free life.

  3. cheryl r

    An effective, easy to follow read to enhance your daily lives

    As a self-help lover, this book has truly enhanced my awareness about how I can live stress-free and fearless in every aspect of my life. It is written in a way that resonates with every day life, and the techniques are the best tools I have ever been given. Being fearless is within all of us, and has nothing to do with being aggressive, or rude, but to believe in yourself. Amin depicts a beautiful overview that encourages, enlightens and actually offers every reader the wonderful gift of living stress-free and being fearless in all aspects of life, career, school, parenting. Truly a must read for all who seek a complete overhaul and way of thinking that will enhance life tremendously. I’m going to recommend this book to all I know, as it seems we are all dealing with stress and fear constantly, and this will help others as much as it has helped me.

  4. DevCompany

    Excellent Book to Really Declutter Your Mind!

    Excellent book for those who need to be free from the daily worries that bog us down. Well written book that shows us how to put the worries behind us and move on with life. Many great common sense tips throughout the book that help build your mental toughness with ease!

  5. Rama M Reddy, Owner, Cartridge Palace, LLC

    A gift to humanity

    As the owner of a small retail store, struggling to compete with large online stores, I experience stress on a daily basis. I worry about many things like if I will make enough money to pay the rent, about customers who order product and don’t show up to pick it up or customers who try to get a full refund after opening package or even after using it , etc. etc. This book is an affordable solution to not only cope with the stress but also for how to maintain a positive attitude during the entire work day. The author is a skilled writer and the book is well written that is easy to read. The book will be my constant companion until I retire from the business.

  6. Ramin

    Positive mindset

    What a great book to read……The content of this book enticed me from first to the very last word. It is easy to read, gives you simple lessons of life, and very uplifting. The book offers you the techniques and strategies that could be used to create positive mindset which could be useful on daily basis. It also encourages you to discover the positive path for pursuit to happiness and freedom. Mr Amin’s words are inspirational, and encourages one to acknowledge the weakness, fears, and turn it in to a positive outlook. I will be reading this book over and over again.

  7. Chandrani Atapattu

    A great book.

    This is a wonderful book. While reading you can relate all what is written to real life experience. A good wake up call for the reality of life. Thank you for writing this wonderful message.

  8. Chelsey McQuitty

    An interesting and enlightening experience

    This is certainly an enlightening experience for anyone that might suffer from stress and anxiety. I happen to be one of those lucky people that starts stressing before there is even anything to stress about, which often causes me to feel pretty sick. This book has certainly opened my eyes to a few new elements that I would have otherwise never thought about. I can’t guarantee that stress will be subside after reading this book, but I can offer that it is a comforting book that might be able to help some breathe a little easier. The writing is strong and concise, which makes the book seem even more powerful. I would recommend to anyone looking for an interesting read or those hoping to settle down some of their stress levels. The book is very easy to read, so you won’t have to spend too much time on it if you are crunched for free time, which makes it an even greater asset.

  9. A Cannady

    Make time in your busy schedule to read this book

    Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living: A Life Changing Solution for Peace and Happiness
    by Purandar A. Amin was one of those books that makes you aware of common sense things that just hadn’t connected with how you are living. It’s an encouraging book that shows the reader that everyone has equal opportunity to think fearlessly, and that your thoughts really do affect your reality. I have that “can’t say no to anyone” stress that keeps me busy with little, trivial things to the point that I never seem to have time for the important things, and this book was kind of a slap in the face, in a good way. It’s easy to read so I was able to squeeze it into my busy schedule…that I’m working on making not quite so busy anymore. It’s a comforting book that helps you take reducing your stress to a manageable process because for a lot of people, like me, saying no is almost as stressful as saying yes. I am very glad I had the opportunity to read this and will gladly share it with others.

  10. Amanda Shepard

    Calming strategies to reduce stress

    Purandar A. Amin presents a way of thinking in this book that is easy to follow and will help the reader to address the stress that they feel within their lives. The strategies presented here are easy to incorporate into your life, which will help you to feel calmer and lead to more energy. Anyone who feels stressed out, especially around the holidays, should check out this book.

  11. kasturi

    powerful and relatable tools to enlighten you.

    The language is both simple and comprehensible as the author has used life experience as his content .
    He constantly integrates the body and mind and uses this to create an awareness of actual incidents ,reminding us that hardship passes. It shows the value of each moment we have and to live in the present, negative thoughts are just thoughts and not a reality. We must grow spiritually from our experience’s be it suffering or happiness. It is very important to keep connected to ones inner self which helps you connect to positive vibes and ambiance. The fears of losing life’s material substance ,has become a constant worry ,positive thought and awareness help dispel desire.The book teaches that love compassion and humility bring true happiness ,It reminds you NOT to dwell on the mistakes of the past but learn from them and to concentrate on the present and make the future divine. Purander Amin teaches us that we need to be on a spiritual journey and add meaning to our lives through simple living high thinking ,with humility and love and remember that ego hurts .
    Remember to give back to ,express gratitude, to laugh and love in a way that makes you extraordinary.

  12. edwin archibong

    A novel guide to fearless thinking and stress-free living

    Fearless thinking, stress-free living, a book by Purandar A. Amin that could disputably wriggle its way into the self-help library of anyone dedicated to self-improvement . The book supports the notion of determining what is most important versus what we consider as ‘must-haves’.
    And herein lies our path to living free of stress and most worries.
    Subtle readjustment to our thinking and our thoughts for the future removes the fear of what we think might occur or might not occur.
    In the book, the authors stresses points like the importance of thought, the origin of thought, the demanding characteristic of the ego, and how we can effectively channel our thinking to more inspiring, positive thoughts.
    I had a little disagreement with the examples at the beginning because I believe that ambition is the driver of innovation and the creation of the world in which we currently live in, but in the ongoing chapters, the author presents his case more convincingly, presenting a new way of viewing the desire for accomplishment in a brighter light.
    If stress-free living aligns with your current goals, then it could be a worthy cause to have a glimpse into some of the ideas presented. Good read.

  13. Jose Popoff

    Nice instructions to a stress-free life

    If you are feeling bogged down by life and they high transit taking place in it, I am sure you will find a mouthful of fresh air in this book. Now, I’ll be honest. I am not always the one who walks the walk just like I talk the talk. This book offers great tips for motivating yourself into living a stress-free life. Is that even possible? You just have to read this book and you will see for yourself.

    Ok, but what really caught me abou this book is that it takes you to the root of what could be causing your stress. It provides techniques to help you overcome those things that actually cause your stress. You can only go, ‘gosh, I can’t believe it was so easy all this time!’ I loved the feeling.

    As I said before, I have a hard time getting myself in action but the book has helped me come to senses with those things are stressing me down and drop it . It is a good thing it is not physical strenuous exercise but rather simple practices that will eliminate those things that will bring you down.

    Yes, it is possible to live stress-free, with no hate for Monday, or looking forward to Friday. Live every day at a time, in its full joy and splendor, worry free.

  14. Jimmy ray

    Help in living stress free

    Fearless Thinking is a book on how to live stress free and enjoy life one day at a time. The common misconception is that others cause us stress when in reality we cause ourselves stress based on how we react to the events taking place. This self help book explores the techniques you can use to live stress free and better your life by adjusting your reaction and erasing the stress from your life. I found this book to be well written with good information which is composed and present in a professional easy to understand format. I recommend anyone who is experiencing stress to check out this book and learn some simple methods for handling the stress we create each day. A must read for those who tend to over react to situations.

  15. Christa T.

    Who Doesn’t Need Less Stress??

    Who among us doesn’t need less stress in their lives? I know I could use less stress, and this book has been a great eye-opener about how to not just declutter my mind, but really my whole life! My big takeaway that I got from “Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living” was that we have a choice about how we can live our lives, and the tips here are really easy to follow. They are so easy, in fact, that I have already started using some of them!

    Another great thing about this book was the writing. Sometimes I find myself struggling to get through books with bad grammar or writing, but this was not the case here.

    This is highly recommended to anyone who has some stress in their life and looking for some easy to follow tips.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Excellent Self Help Book

    I was struggling with emotions. The information & structure of this book helped me stop seeing a Counselor. I highly recommend this book.

  17. Cynthia G.

    Just What I Needed

    This book was a lifesaver for me at a time when a loved one was suffering and I felt helpless to alleviate it. Purandar had me with “magnetic property of thoughts. One worried thought can create a chain of thoughts that are unending, ultimately throwing you into a chasm of worries and fears. You must break this automatic thinking machine.” And I was not disappointed in the follow through on how to make that happen, as often happens with other authors.
    There is also a simple, yet solid explanation of duality.
    Thank you for being the provider of the exact words I needed to read.

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